AOL Mail

AOL mail is one of the free web-based email services used by people around the world. It provides users with an excellent service allowing them to communicate with friends and share emails safely and efficiently. It continues to be the most vital email service provider for years because it offers a comfortable and well-organized interface for accessing email services.

In addition to sending and receiving emails, it helps users browse various other sites, such as search engines, gaming services, news stories, trending images, and more, without costing a single penny.

Many significant businesses choose to use AOL mail to communicate with their workers within the official system. Furthermore, they trust and find it the best and most reliable email service provider.

AOL has a range of services to deliver to make it popular with consumers around the world. It also helps users to browse a variety of outstanding email functions on their mail screen. Here, we’re going to review the functionality and the steps to build and maintain the AOL account.

AOL MAIL Features

AOL has updated their interface, and new features have been introduced that attract users. In addition to this, AOL Mail provides a range of new and advanced mailing features that provide consumers with a superior mailing experience.

AIM Features

It’s an instant and desktop presence app that helps users communicate with their near and dear ones directly via instant messaging. Users can conveniently install an AIM messenger to deliver instant messages to their AOL computer.

Event & Calendar Feature

The Event and Calendars are other excellent functions of AOL. It helps users to build their event and calendar entry to prepare and carry out their teamwork effectively within the specified timeline.

To-Do Features

It is a fantastic feature that allows users to add and recall the user’s activities in the future. If any user wants to execute an important job, they can save it to the To-Do feature. Therefore, by doing so, the customer would be alerted at a given time. Also, the user can conveniently control and view the To-Do list on their mail computer.

System Requirements for AOL Mail

Operating system (OS) that deals with Basic AOL Mail

AOL Basic Mail helps users view their emails even though they are not running at the highest capacity. Although all AOL products function well in the new version of the browser, basic mail can always work in an out-of-date browser.

Windows XP and Earlier models

It fits well with the new versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and AOL Desktop Gold.

AOL Mail Mobile Operating System (OS)

Users can conveniently navigate AOL on their mobile device web browser with the minimum specifications laid out below. Also, the specifications can differ whether the consumer uses the AOL app on their Android or iOS device.

IOS 9.3 or better

Android 4.4 or better

How to Sign Up to my AOL Mail Account?

Setting up an AOL Account is easy and simple. So, those who are not familiar with the signup process should read the steps provided below. Through the help of these steps, the user can easily complete the AOL Mail Sign up process. 

  • First of all, make sure that the internet is in working condition.
  • Also, ensure to have a computer system or a laptop on which the internet works properly.
  • After this, go to the official mail of AOL login, i.e.
  • Once the official page gets open on the screen, select the “Login/Join” button.
  • Then from there, select the “Sign up” or “Create a new account” option.
  • Note: If there is an issue, then feel free to speak with the AOL customer service team.
  • Now after this, on the AOL Sign up page, enter the Name, Gender, D.O.B. and country.
  • Then choose a unique and different username I.D. and write the name in the required blank box, then click on “Check Availability.”
  • But doing this, the user will get to know the availability of the username, and the available will get display on the screen and get the suggestion for other available names.
  • After this, write the password for the AOL Email Account safely.
  • Then write another Email ID for future purposes. In case if the user forgets the password, then they can recover the AOL mail.

So, by applying these steps, the user can easily complete the AOL mail sign up process. Now let’s proceed further with the steps to create a strong AOL Account password.

How to Create a Strong AOL Mail Login Password?

AOL is a fantastic online mailing platform that allows the users to share and receive emails and perform other necessary tasks. Therefore, AOL has been in existence for the last many years and has been famous for providing trustworthy services. Along with this, there are a million users all around the world. Apart from being a safe and secure mailing platform, users sometimes get prone to threats and hacks. So, it is important to keep a strong AOL Password. Thus, the below discussed are the easy steps to create a strong password.

  • Keep a unique password.
  • Keep a bit longer a password.
  • Avoid using personal information such as Name, D.O.B. and more.
  • Use uppercase and lowercase for a strong password. 
  • Make sure to keep a different password for a different account.

How to Reset AOL Email Password?

Before starting with the AOL Mail Login password reset procedure, make sure to check the entered credentials. Please check the username as well as password. If the username and password are correct, then reset the AOL Mail password with the following steps.

  • Firstly, open a web browser.
  • Now go to Mail.Aol.Com window.
  • After this, in the required field, enter the “Email Address.”
  • Note: Ensure that the email address should be the same that was used at the time of account creation
  • Then click on the “Next” option.
  • Now in the next window, click on the “Forgot Password” option provided under the empty password field.
  • After this, hit on the “Yes” button to allow AOL to send the verification code.
  • Then on the registered mobile number, the verification code will be sent.
  • Now enter the verification code and click on the “Verify” option.
  • Thereafter, it will ask the user to “Create a New Password” for their AOL mail account.
  • Now in the next field again, re-enter the password.
  • In the end, click on the “Continue” button. 

Thus, by following these steps, the user can easily reset their AOL Email password.

How to Manage AOL Mail Subscription Plan?

Aol Mail Login

The users can easily manage the AOL mail Subscription plan through the following steps mentioned below.

  • Go to
  • Then click on the “My Services” tab.
  • After this, click on the “Subscriptions” option.
  • Now click on the “Manage” button next to the plan, which has to be cancelled.
  • If asked, then verify the AOL Mail Login Account.
  • Then hit on the “Cancel” option.
  • Now at the bottom of the page, tap on the “Cancel My Billing” option.
  • After this, select a reason behind cancelling from the drop-down menu.
  • Then click on the “Cancel My Billing” option.

Therefore, by the following steps, the user can easily manage AOL Mail Subscription Plan. If there is an issue, then without wasting time, get in touch with the AOL experts.

How to recover the AOL Email Password?

Whenever users forget their AOL Account password, they can quickly recover the account through the phone reset option. So, this method is not that tough; then the user can easily recover the AOL Mail password with the following steps penned below.

  • In the beginning, enter the mobile number through which the AOL Webmail account has been created. Or the user may have to enter the last four digits of the mobile number.
  • Now once the user enters the mobile number, then click on the “Submit” option, and then a new verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • After this, enter the verification code received through the text or call in the section where it is asked to fill the verification code.
  • Then click on the “Submit” button.
  • Note: In case if any user doesn’t get the verification code, then they are suggested to connect with the AOL customer service team.
  • Thereafter, a success message will appear on the screen, and the user will get redirected to the password reset page.
  • After this, carefully enter the new password for the AOL Webmail account.
  • Thus, by applying these steps, the user can easily recover the AOL Mail Login password.

So by performing the discussed above steps, the user can easily recover the AOL Email password. If anyhow due to any reason, the user fails to recover the password, then they all are recommended to get in touch with the AOL customer service e team.

Delete AOL MAIL Account

AOL mail helps users to close their AOL mail account anytime they want. However, before deleting an account, make sure that you terminate all subscriptions, programs, or related usernames that are pending. Furthermore, below we have discussed the steps through which the user can cancel their paid and premium subscription.

Steps to cancel paid AOL Plan

  • Open the official website of AOL.
  • After this, login to the AOL Mail account.
  • Then click on “My Services”> “Subscriptions”> “Manage.”
  • After this, if asked, the users are suggested to verify their account.
  • Then tap on the “Cancel” button.
  • Now click on the “Cancel My Billing” option, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, from the drop-down list, select the reason for canceling the AOL account.

Then tap on the “Cancel My Billing” option.

Steps to Cancel the Premium Subscription

Follow the steps provided below to cancel the premium subscription.

  • Go to the official website of AOL, i.e.,
  • After this, access the AOL Mail account.
  • Now go to the “My Services” option.
  • Then from there, tap on the “subscription” button.
  • Now the users are suggested to click on “manage” and then select the plan they want to cancel.
  • Then tap on the “Cancel Billing” option.
  • After that, select the reason for canceling.

Now on that page, click on the “Cancel Link” option.

What are the advantages of AOL Mail?

AOL Mail has been used by millions of users worldwide. Thus, it offers a lot of advantages that include:

  • Free Mailing account accessible at
  • 24*7 Assistance

Settings of AOL Mail (POP & IMAP)

Mostly Email third-party software & Applications have account setting option in the the menu so that the user can update the POP3 and IMAP setting easily. While entering all of your details make sure the user enter their complete email address that must contain, and for incoming and outgoing mail SSL encryption is enabled.

 Protocol Server SettingsPort Settings
POP 3 Incoming mail server (POP3):
 Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
IMAP Incoming mail server (IMAP):
 Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Add two-step verification to your AOL Mail for extra security

AOl Mail

Choose the best Security feature for your AOL Mail Account. When so ever you or someone try to login to your mail from an unrecognized device or browser a automatically generated code will be sent to your registered phone number, even after you enter the password correct. Follow below steps to know how can someone enable two step verification.

Start the two step verification feature to keep your mail secure that require a verification code that will be sent to your registered phone number when ever you try to sign in your mail from different device or browser.


  • Go to and sign to your AOL Mail Login Account.
  • In the Account section, Click on Account Security Page.
  • Just Beside the “two step verification” Turn on the toggle button by clicking on it.
  • Enter your Correct Phone number where you will receive the verification code as a text message.
  • Now, click on send SMS or Call Me tab to get the verification code.
  • Enter the Verification code in the given blank space, then click on the verify option.
  • If you are trying to Access the AOL Mail on different third-party application, then click on create app password and click on skip for now.

Note: At any time if you feel to turn off the two-step verification option, Just visit the security page again and change the toggle button to turn off position.

If the user is using third party Application to access to its AOL Mail Account, then the user has to use an app password with the two-step verification feature. These third-party applications required secured passwords as they can’t send the verification codes on the registered phone numbers. This Security features don’t let unauthorized parties to Sign in to you secure Mail.

As the two-step verification feature enable the device and browser tracking. So, when someone try to access the mail from different device the verification code will be sent on the registered number. But after the Successful verification of the device, the user may not get the verification code again when sign in from the same device or browser as the mail tracked the device. In order to get verification code again for the same device, just go to the recent activity page of your mail and deauthorize the device, location and the browser.

If you don’t have the phone number with which you created the mail address. You have to reset your password to access your account.


Therefore, this was all about the AOL Mail. Thereby we hope that with the help of the information provided above, it would have become easy for all users to sign up, create strong AOL Login password, reset, recover and manage AOL subscription plan. Moreover, if any user fails to accomplish any task or Aol Mail not working properly, then without wasting much of time get in touch with the AOL Experts.