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What to Do if AOL Mail Not Working Or Down?

There can be numerous problems with numerous motives preventing you from accessing or operating your AOL Mail accounts. Within this guide, you will learn about some of the most frequent problems that generally avert AOL Mail from functioning as usual. The following are the typical issues with their solutions you can refer to as per your requirement.

AOL Mail Down or slow although not functioning

Should you AOL Mail down or responding slow, then follow these instructions:

  • Try restarting your computer prior to obtaining your AOL Mail account.
  • Try accessing your account via a different browser.
  • Clear the cache, cookies and browser background of your web browser.
  • Disable pop-up blocking software.
  • Make certain that your Antivirus software is not causing a problem with the browser where you are trying to get your AOL Mail account. If it seems to be the case, you are able to create an exception to the internet browser.

 AOL Mail Sign In Problem

If you are unable to register in AOL Mail Login accounts, it could be you are entering the wrong credential, or your account might have been hacked by someone. In such a case, you may follow these steps to fix the issue.

  • Go to the link https://www.aol.com/ and click Login / Connect option for into the AOL Log-in page.
  • About the sign-in page, enter your own username click Next. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your account’s password. Here, you’ll need to click on the”I forgot my password” option.
  • On another screen, you’ll need to first confirm yourself as the rightful owner of these accounts using the different options out there. You will find another list of options for verification.
  • When you complete this verification process, you will have the ability to access your account.

If you’re having trouble sending the email from your AOL Mail account, you can try these suggestions to eliminate the issue. Be sure that your web is functioning properly.Log out of your AOL Mail accounts and restart your computer. Then, sign in to your account. Try using another browser. Using an old or outdated web browser can cause such mistakes occasionally, so make sure you are using the most recent version of an internet browser.
Make sure there is no mixture of”AOL” on your display name because the email will not be able to go
Make sure your web browser pop-up blocker isn’t preventing AOL from sending an email. Try disabling it before sending an email to the test.

Keep your internet browser clear out of cache, cookies and browser history prior to sending an email.
A firewall can also be why you would be preventing you by sending an email address. Seeing Image Challenges When Sending Mail
AOL is known for using Image challenges or CAPTCHA in order to keep your accounts protected against hackers. As the characteristics can’t be read by a computer and need to be entered manually, it ensures that an actual person can pass the test. So, when sending an email, should you see any such Image Challenges in your display, you want to simply finish it in order to send your email successfully.

Images Are Not Showing for Mail Recipients

If you are facing difficulties viewing images in a few of the mails, you can try the following suggestions to fix the problem.

Ensure you have allowed rich Text/HTML on your Mail Settings page.
When you have sent a picture in a message, then make sure you download it first and then attach to the email you’re sending. Problem With 3rd Party Mail Software
If you are giving problems accessing your AOL Mail account on a third-party application, consider fixing the issue with the following hints to make sure that your email works fine if you require it.

Update Your Password

If you altered your AOL Mail password lately, make certain to upgrade the same in your email client as well.
Assess Your IMAP or POP Settings

If you are unable to send or receive an email in your AOL Mail accounts, be sure your IMAP or POP settings are configured correctly.

Update Your Email Client Application

If you are using an older variant of E-Mail client application, you may another issue with your AOL Mail account. Thus, make certain that you keep your Email customer up-to-date to maintain your AOL Mail account functioning properly.
These are a few of the frequent AOL email problems by using their solution for AOL Mail account.

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